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GPS Monitoring

     GPS Monitoring has become a very effective means of monitoring defendants while out on bail. Defendants can be fitted with an ankle monitor that can notify investigators whenever the Defendant exceeds the boundary restrictions that have been placed upon them. Parameters can be set up to warn investigators when the defendant leaves the house, County, State, or goes somewhere which is off-limits. We now have the capability to monitor alcohol consumption for those Defendants that are ordered not to drink.

     The use of GPS ankle monitors is boundless; however, monitors are not infallible. Ankle monitors can be removed by cutting and a Defendant can still flee. The difference is the length of time for notification. In the past a defendant may have skipped bail a week before we even suspected anything; however, a monitor will put us on a fugitive in literally minutes of a suspected violation.

     We can use GPS ankle monitors to lessen some of the requirements of collateral. Although nothing is better than hard collateral in hand, we can make some concession on the amount of collateral required on a bail bond. We would be happy to evaluate the defendant's suitability for a monitor and provide a quote.

Phoenix Bail Bonds GPS     We contract with a GPS provider who installs and monitors our clients. The cost of the installation and the monthly monitoring fee is paid for by the client. Currently, GPS Monitoring Solutions will charge you $150.00 for the installation and $330.00/month rent for the unit. There will also be a monthly $100.00 monitoring fee for a total of $430.00/month charge. GPS monitors are only cost effective for large bonds. Upon exoneration of the bond, the monitor is removed. If the monitor is tampered with, destroyed or removed, the client will be responsible for covering any loss with the GPS provider.

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