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Signature Bail Bonds

Signature Bail Bonds     Signature Bail Bonds, also known as No Collateral Bail Bonds, are bail bonds that are not secured with collateral; they are secured by the good word, or signature of the Cosigner and/or Defendant. Signature Bail Bonds are the riskiest sort of undertaking that a bail bondsman could make in Arizona. 
     If the Defendant fails to appear for a Court Hearing or fails to abide by his/her Conditions of Release the Court may order the bond Forfeited and demand full payment of the bond in cash. If the bail bond is forfeited by the Court, the bail bondsman must pay the Court the full amount of the bond in cash. Cosigners/Defendants are required to Indemnify, i.e., cover any loss that the bondsman has in connection with the bond. Typically, the bondsman has physical possession of collateral or has recorded a lien on property that allows him to sell those assets to recoup any loss due to the non-performance of the Defendant. Bondsmen that have not secured collateral on the bond rely solely on the good word or signature of the Cosigner to pay for loss.     
     Experience teaches us that people rarely live up to their word; oftentimes it is due to misunderstanding, sometimes circumstance, or, all to often, the person never had intentions of living up to the agreement to begin with. Whatever the reason may be for the Cosigner/Defendant not living up to the Agreement, the bondsman is still responsible for payment of the bond to the Court.

Signature Bonds We Post

     Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ will occasionally post signature bonds or low collateral bail bonds for clients; however, we charge a fee that is commensurate with the risk. Non-refundable Signature Bond fees in the range of 40-50% of the bond amount are common, for example, on a $1,000.00 bond we may charge a $500.00 non refundable fee. The high loss rate and risk associated with Signature Bonds prevents better pricing.

     Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ can provide GPS monitoring of the Defendant. With GPS monitoring it is possible to gain some security in the bond by restricting the geographical range of the Defendant, or by monitoring their location. GPS monitoring can reduce the cost of Signature bond fees (see GPS Monitoring).     
     The criminal charges and criminal history of the Defendant play a very important role in assessing the likelihood of default and price of a Phoenix Signature Bond. There is a big difference in risk between someone arrested for the first time for driving on a suspended license with a $500.00 bond and one who has been arrested many times for transporting narcotics for sale with a $10,000 bond. We will not post a no collateral bond on an inmate with a bond forfeiture on his record, or with several Failures to Appear. We will not post a no collateral bond on a inmate who will most likely be sentenced to prison because of priors. No collateral bail bonds are primarily for low impact cases for defendants with no, or few prior convictions.

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- Also known as the Indemnitor; person who signs the Bail Bond Indemnity Agreement and who guarantees to be financially liable for any and all costs that the bail bondsman incurs while the Defendant is out on bond.

Conditions of Release - Requirements or conditions of behavior placed upon the Defendant while out on bail. If Conditions of Release are violated the Defendant's bond can be revoked and the Defendant can be reincarcerated. Violating the Court's Conditions of Release may result in Bond Forfeiture.

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