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Large Cash Bail Bonds

Large cash bail bonds in Phoenix are probably the most difficult of all bonds to put together. The collateral requirements for Cash Bonds are the same as Surety Bonds, but the fee on a Cash Bond is far greater than that of a similar sized Surety Bond. The greater cash requirement prevents a lot of people from being able to post court-ordered cash bonds.

moneyLarge cash bail bonds are associated with the following charges: large drug busts, sale and transport of marijuana and/or narcotics; sex crimes - rape, molestation, child pornography; murder, manslaughter; kidnapping; money laundering; fraud and conspiracy. Cash-Only Bail Bonds™ will do its best to qualify you for a cash bail bond; however, we are realists and never encourage people to put their last dime down on a bail bond. Very often, if the family patiently waits, the Defendant will be released on their own recognizance. If waiting is not an option we suggest hiring a private attorney to obtain a bond reduction or at least a conversion of the Cash Bond to a Surety Bond. A public Defender can do this as well; however, Public Defenders are spread thin with large case loads. A Public Defender doesn't have the time to dedicate a great deal of effort on a case other than the simple Defense of his client. Real Estate and business assets are commonly used for the really large bonds. Our clients should gather important paperwork for the proper evaluation and suitability of those assets. If using real estate, gather Deeds, mortgage documents and mortgage balances. Current appraisals are beneficial, although not always necessary. In areas where there are few market comparables, we sometimes ask a local realtor to provide us with a statement of value.
Business property can be more difficult to value. If relying on inventory or equipment be prepared to provide a list of these assets. Purchase receipts and bills of sale may be necessary. Obtain organization information such as partnership or corporation documents. You must be able to prove that you have the authority to encumber business assets.
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